The Panasonic

IH Rice Cooker


Diamond reinforced fluorocarbon coating heats and cooks every grain of rice to fluffy perfection.

The Power of IH

Discover the difference in every grain of rice with Panasonic’s ultimate induction heat rice cooker built with diamond ceramic coating and 5 layers of induction heater.

Rice To Perfection

5 layers of Induction Heater (IH) surround the pan with uniform heat and trap secondary heat for fluffy cooked rice. Infusing each individual grain with flavour your family will taste and love.

Ceramic Durability

Fabricated with 7 layers of durable material, the Diamond Ceramic Coating on the inner pan is built for a lifetime of delicious rice moments, with standing brushing up to 110,000 times or more.

Diamond Difference

Every grain is fluffier with the heat convection of fine bubbles created by the Diamond Kamado Pan, enabling efficient and even heat transmission to every single grain of rice.

Discover delicious rice moments at home.

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