The Panasonic

ECONAVI Inverter 6-Door Fridge


Premium multi-door elegance and gorgeous full-flat reflective glass makes this an elegant, stylish design that will fit a high-end lifestyle perfectly.

Energy Saving

Featuring 5 different sensors to track the temperature of the room, the volume of food inside and learn your usage pattern. Based on this data it operates to save electricity.

-3°C Prime Fresh Freezing

Lightly freezes food to help prevent food oxidation without hardening it and preserves the original texture and nutrition of perishable food, keeping them at their best.

Fully Extending Drawers

Rails with special high-load bearings keep the drawer’s weight evenly distributed as you slide the drawer effortlessly all the way outside the refrigerator, revealing everything inside at a glance.

Multi-door Elegance

This full-flat, frameless glass design entices the eyes with reminiscent of lustrous obsidian, harmonizing with any space. Perfect to compliment your high-end lifestyle.

Experience freshness like never before.

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