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The Elegance of Art & Design

Drawing on the minimalistic beauty of modern interiors and architecture, contemporarily designed homes are sought after for their aesthetically pleasing appearance. They speak of exquisite taste and luxurious comfort in a quiet yet elegant way. Characterised by clean lines, sophisticated functionality made with unwavering attention to detail, the modern and contemporary home emphasises stylish comforts, while minimising the appearance of clutter.

The Panasonic’s Shokunin Collection is created to fit seamlessly into the lifestyles of a modern and contemporary home. Made to the premium standard of Japan Quality, every product has been worked on tirelessly to the standards of a Japanese craftsman, treating them like works of industrial art. The Shokunin Collection is where seasoned craftsmanship meets advanced manufacturing technology that ascends your needs for a more premium lifestyle.

Panasonic VIERA 4K PRO TV

The Panasonic 4K PRO VIERA 4K TV is a work of art, crafted in the ethos of modern interior design, making it the perfect centrepiece for your living room. With seamlessly elegant frames and pedestals, the VIERA 4K TV elevates your living space by combining state of the art technology and excellent picture quality, the perfect harmony of art & interior.

A smart Firefox OS powered TV that learns all your favourite programs, the VIERA 4K TV fuses 4K Pro and Hexa Chroma Drive Pro, allowing you to see colours, rediscovered. Using 6-Colour Reproduction with advanced processing, and a special wide colour space, you’ll see naturally rich colours with a superb brightness and sharpness, as the filmmakers’ originally intended. A stunning visual feast like no other, colours and details are reproduced in such vivid and lifelike clarity, delivering a whole new cinematic experience like never before.

Panasonic SKY Series Air Conditioner

Complete your living space by changing the way you feel cool with the New Elite Inverter Sky Series. The sleek Skystream design features a SKYWING located at the top and is controlled by a multidirectional arm to keep you cool in 2 ways, the first of its kind. Direct the SKYWING downwards for powerful Fast Cooling and aim it upwards for Radiant Cooling to remove heat build-up in the ceiling and walls for an even and comfortable cooling effect.

Enhanced with new Dust Sensor technology, harmful particles as small as PM2.5 are detected, automatically activating Panasonic’s advance nanoe-G air purification system, keeping air constantly cool, clean and safe.

Panasonic Air Purifier

Living in a modern home is all about quality of living. The Panasonic Air Purifier will safeguard the health of you and your loved ones by providing enhanced air quality through a 4-stage filtration system. Designed to look exquisite in every corner of your room, this feather touch designed air purifier features an advanced electrostatic touch panel, while its ECONAVI technology helps you save energy by monitoring your daily activities, memorising pollution levels and minimising unnecessary operation.

Have peace of mind knowing that the air you breathe is inhibited from 99.9% viruses and bacteria, while having moisture restored through advanced water-wrapped nanoe capsules. Unpleasant odours are also reduced by up to 90%, providing you comfort living at its best. You’ll never have to worry about dry skin, allergens or the haze ever again.

Like integral pieces of art, the Shokunin Collection is engineered with beauty and refinement to bring you functionality dripped in luxury in every little piece of design to look aesthetically pleasing to match your premium lifestyle.

The Shokunin Collection

The quicken pace of the 21st century has created a need for innovation, usability and relevance.

When Beauty & Functionality Meet

A beautifully designed home can capture our hearts but it is a thoughtfully functional home that makes us stay.

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