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The Shokunin Collection

The quicken pace of the 21st century has created a need for innovation, usability and relevance. We constantly anticipate the emergence of new technologies to provide further convenience for our every day lives. In instances where craftsmanship and technology harmonise like a beautiful symphony, you know you’ve found a gem worth keeping.

Made to the specification of Japanese craftsman, the Panasonic’s Premium Shokunin Collection embodies the essence of perfection, sensible design and unparalleled quality. Every product in the Shokunin line up is proudly made to the premium standards of the Japanese Quality and has been thoughtfully crafted to fit seamlessly into your stylish interior and premium lifestyle.

Let the elegant 4K Pro VIERA TV take center stage in your living room and be wooed by its ability to reproduce colours so lifelike, it is able to portray images in all their original beauty, like a piece of art.

Meanwhile, win the battle against our tropical climate with the most advanced in air conditioning technology, the New Elite Inverter Sky Series. Featuring the new Skywing that allows for both Fast & Radiant Cooling; the first of its kind. Speaking of forward thinking, the new Air Purifier dipped in metallic gold brings a quiet touch of class to your living space while purifying the air you breathe down to the finest detail.

Welcome sophisticated functionality to your kitchen with state-of-the-art appliances from the Shokunin Collection. In charge of keeping your groceries fresh is the Premium 6-door Refrigerator; a multi-door, full-flat glass elegance with ample storage and ingenious freezing solution, a truly enjoyable experience every time you open its doors.

When it comes to opulence, naught can trump diamonds. The IH Rice Cooker with a Diamond Kamodo Pan and Diamond Ceramic Coated inner pan infuses every grain of rice with flavour, it is truly every lady of the kitchen’s best friend. Additionally, eating healthy is integral to keeping up with the pulse of the 21st century, this is where the Premium Steam Microwave Oven helps you prepare deliciously healthy meals for those who matter.

Bring your favourite dishes to life with the Panasonic IH Cooktop that lets you set the perfect temperature for every dish, quickly and precisely, saving you time and energy, a new era of cooking for the fast paced modern families.

The secret to modern living is attention to the detail. Make cumbersome chores like laundry a breeze with the Cuble Washer Dryer. Not only is it built to look aesthetically refined in an area of the home that often gets messy, it takes care of your washing and drying, giving you stunningly clean clothes every time.

Finally, what’s a beautiful home if it is not spotless? Entrust your home to Rulo, unique in its kind, this triangular shaped robotic vacuum cleaner is made to clean deep into corners and narrow spaces, granting you a peace of mind as you rush about your busy lives.

Carrying on a proud tradition of leading-edge innovation extending nearly a century, Panasonic continues to deliver unparalleled quality by conscientiously considering your comfort, convenience and striving for ergonomic functionality, intuitive usability, and aesthetically pleasing design to suit your upscale lifestyle. This poetic pursuit of perfection is what defines the Shokunin.

When Beauty & Functionality Meet

A beautifully designed home can capture our hearts but it is a thoughtfully functional home that makes us stay.

The Elegance of Art & Design

Drawing on the minimalistic beauty of modern interiors and architecture, contemporarily designed homes are sought after for their aesthetically pleasing appearance.

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