The Panasonic

OLED / 4K Pro TV

TH-65EZ1000K, TH-65EX700K & TH-55EX700K

The Panasonic TV preserves and amplifies the subtle details for a captivating and aesthetically breathtaking viewing experience.

Panasonic 4K PRO Ultra HD TV

Thanks to a unique Panasonic technology called Hexa Chroma Drive, which uses 6-Colour Reproduction and advanced processing, the image quality of the Panasonic 4K Ultra HD TV is more stunning. Now colours are richer, brighter and sharper than on any television you’ve ever owned.

The Ultimate Design For Perfect Quality

With Panasonic’s user centered approach, the new 2017 TV range is truly designed with you in mind and is adjustable for perfect viewing conditions. The new models are designed to seamlessly integrate with your environment – whatever your style.

Hollywood Collaboration

Tuned by Hollywood colourists to deliver an accurate cinema experience true to the filmmaker’s vision. Panasonic understands that the most accurate TV pictures with all major devices means working with the best film studios and professionals in the movie-making industry. This is why there has been a Panasonic Hollywood Laboratory in Los Angeles for more than 20 years.

True Blacks Expression

Original drive technology utilizing Panasonic's vast accumulation of know-how precisely reproduces the details of shadows. A much lower illuminating brightness is enabled to realise smooth gradation in very dark areas.

*applicable to TH-65EZ1000K only.

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