The Panasonic



Sleek lines merge effortlessly to form a stylish cuboid washer that complements any space.

Energy Saving

Featuring 3 different sensors to track the weight of the wash load, water temperature and laundry material. Automatically adjusts water level and washing time for the optimal wash.

ActiveFoam System

Superior washing performance which requires only 34 minutes to wash a 10kg load. Whips water and detergent into fine, dense foam and powerfully injects it into the drum from above. The result, beautifully clean clothes, quicker.

Eco Drying System

Gentle to fabrics, energy and water saving. By using state of the art drying technology, the Cuble will gently care for your laundry from start to finish.

Beautiful, Minimalist Design.

Built with sleek horizontal and vertical lines, this stylish full-flat cuboid design with beautiful clear durable acrylic doors is made ready to complement any space.

The Japanese approach for stunningly clean clothes.

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