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When Beauty & Functionality Meet

A beautifully designed home can capture our hearts but it is a thoughtfully designed and functional home that makes us stay. As beautiful as a home can be, it’s functionality is the key to your wellbeing. The balance of pleasing aestheticas and sophisticated functionality does not always have to be mutually exclusive.

With the new premium Shokunin collection from Panasonic, refined luxury and ergonomic functionality are now combined. Using the latest in advanced manufacturing technology and a deep dedication to the art of craftsmanship, the Shokunin collection is custom made to the high standards of Japan Quality and draws inspiration from the natural beauty of traditional Japan.

Panasonic Econavi Inverter 6-Door Refrigerator

In Japan, the changing seasons often bring deep meaning, with treasured ingredients being celebrated for their unadulterated freshness. As such, the latest Panasonic Econavi Inverter 6-Door refrigerator was designed with a passion for freshness and flavour in mind. Ensuring food remains at its best, the -3°C Prime Fresh Freezing setting helps you experience a freshness like never before. With fully extending drawers, you’ll be able to see everything at a single glance.

Equal in both beauty and functionality, the NR-F681GT-X refrigerator is the epitome of class. Encased in a frameless and reflective glass exterior that is reminiscent of incandescent obsidian, this premium multi-door refrigerator harmonises perfectly into any space – instantly elevating the elegance and functionality of your home while also helping you save energy with its advanced temperature sensor tracking technology.

Panasonic CUBLE Washer Dryer

Cleanliness has always been important in the lives of the Japanese. With a traditional reverence to nature and water, beautifully clean and crisp clothes have become a natural part of their daily ritual.

Adopting a sleek and minimalistic design, the new Panasonic CUBLE Washer Dryer strives to bring that tradition to you in the most effortless way possible. The result is a stylish cuboid washer that complements any space and delivers stunningly clean clothes.

The CUBLE is also amazingly fast, utilising Panasonic’s signature Active Foam System for superior washing performance. In just 34 minutes, you’ll be able to wash a 10KG load, saving you time on a busy day. Pair that with its Eco Drying System and you’ll have clean, crips clothes with just a push of a button. Your laundry and the environment are gently cared for, from start to finish.

In addition, the CUBLE also takes advantage of a simple 10-degree tilt in their washing drum. By making this ergonomic decision, you’ll no longer need to stoop, while at the same time enhancing water efficiency and reducing wastage. Simple details that make your life infinitely convenient.

RULO Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

One of the hardest parts of having a beautiful home is its constant upkeep. Cleaning is often a daily necessity and with time can become an apprehensive chore. So, why not let RULO help you make cleaning a breeze?

RULO is the first ever “Reuleaux” triangular shaped robotic vacuum cleaner. This unique triangular design allows RULO to go deeper into the corners and hard to reach spaces of your home in an effortless sweep while detecting less visible dust with its built-in dust sensor. Navigating your room in a combination of round and random movements, RULO is able to memorise and identify locations that require extra attention. A smart one indeed.

These Panasonic products were crafted with you and your home in mind. Delivering the best in innovation, every part of the Shokunin Collection is made specifically with ergonomic functionality, intuitive usability and aesthetically pleasing design.

The Shokunin Collection

The quicken pace of the 21st century has created a need for innovation, usability and relevance.

The Elegance of Art & Design

Drawing on the minimalistic beauty of modern interiors and architecture, contemporarily designed homes are sought after for their aesthetically pleasing appearance.

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